further reading

Life's a Breach

  • ill. Dylan C. Lathrop
  • by Nathan Yau

How Tall Is Jake Gyllenhaal?

  • by David Rees
  • ill. Edward McGowan

The Testing Bubble

  • by Dana Goldstein
  • ill. Jennifer Daniel
  • ill. Kevin Zucker
  • ill. Tucker Nichols
  • ill. Ellen Van Dusen
  • ill. Echo Eggebrecht

Something Doesn’t Add Up

  • by Craig Damrauer
  • ill. Dylan C. Lathrop

The Information Arms Race

  • ill. Roxanne Daner
  • by anonymous
  • by William Wheeler


  • by Steven Leckart
  • ill. Trevor Burks

Don't Hold the Elevator

  • by Sheila Heti
  • by Misha Glouberman
  • ill. Dan Matutina

The Complexion Question

  • by Cord Jefferson
  • ill. Atley Kasky

Magician, Heal Thyself!

  • by Starlee Kine
  • ill. Allegra Lockstadt

Just Like That but Funny

  • by Todd Levin
  • ill. David Schwen

Place Porn

  • by Sharon Lerner
  • ill. Hey! Studio

No Safety in Numbers

  • by Steven Yoder
  • ill. Andy Rementer

Chat History

  • by Rebecca Armendariz
  • ill. Dylan C. Lathrop

Bit by Bit

  • by Peter Smith
  • by Alex Goldmark
  • ill. Matthew Moore