No matter how hard you try to opt out of the conspicuous consumption of the holiday season, your relatives, friends, and Secret Santas are unlikely to stop showering you with generous gifts destined for the landfill. So this year, we’re evading the awkwardness of unwrapping another ill-fitting sweater or ill-considered trinket by straight-up asking for stuff we really, really want. Presenting our own holiday wishlist for GOOD revelers who care where their presents came from.

These are GOOD gifts tailored to the sometimes-scrappy sustainable life—our curated items are eco, innovative, charity-minded, or just plain charming. This year, we want to lock up our snacking game with a portable bento box, then snap up a cookbook that helps us bail out indie bookstores. We want to invest in some handsome book darts that help us remember the good parts, then write our own story with a five-year diary that charts our life’s progress into 2017. We hope to channel our highly sustainable laziness by sprinkling on some water- and time-saving organic hair powder. We want to hang a motivational office poster that actually motivates us (sorry, soaring bald eagles!). And we’re dying to reinvent our hobbies with gifts traditional—like a flask of New York City’s first post-prohibition whiskey—and original—like chilled whiskey stones to keep our holiday happy hours cool and strong. (Yes, whiskey is a hobby).

Click through the slideshows to view the 50 items we’d love to see under our own holiday-appropriate plant, foot covering, or light source this season. Feel free to forward these gift guides for helping us live, work, wear, go, and play better directly to our relatives—and let them know the most sustainable items are marked with a little green bow.

Illustrations by Liz Mamont